Welcome To K.I.L.L.E.R.S Clan Here U Can Join Our Clan And If U Have A Clan And U Wnt To Be Our Frind Clan U Can Post On Clan Catarge And If U Want To Be Our Enemy U Can Post It On Clan Catarog And More


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 forums rules

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PostSubject: forums rules   Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:01 pm

forum rules

These rules have been previously discussed and selected by users of our community who do not comply must be sanctioned, but moderation is reserved for moderators assigned, anyone who sees something that does not like you can send a personal msg to any staff member and we will go gladly to their call

1 .- It is strictly prohibited spam (double, triple post ...) in the forum for anything you want to add use the edit option.

2 .- They are not allowed message whose content is offensive, discriminatory, abusive, pornographic, defamatory of any member or despretigie with the development of any country.

3 .- It is forbidden the discussions that are not related to the topic in question, if any user does the message be deleted without notice.

4 .- users can not write in all caps (reserved for administrators and moderators) if you want to highlight something you use the underscore or colors.

5 .- Problems between public users solve them by PM (Private Messaging).

6 .- not post or responses to political content when talking about a technological breakthrough in the country is that progress, "Nothing about the government, problems with this, that if this, that, nothing".

7.-It is forbidden to piracy, hacking, cracking and everything that threatens information security, otherwise BAN

8 .- messages that have been created in sections that should not go will be moved without notice to his section reciprocated.

9 .- messages with pornographic content (photos, videos, links ...) shall be punished with% of your points on the occasion.

10 .- Material copied from other sources such as forums or web pages outside have to take their respective credits of the forum or person who created the material, to avoid problems with the creator.

11 .- not tolerate offenses to the Administrators or Moderators in the forum and / or chat model otherwise you will be penalized with ban (forum) or hours (chat).

12 .- Do not believe you Administrator and / or moderate.

13 .- Private messages can not be used for SPAM or violate any of the rules of the forum. If you are terminated by another user by skipping these rules will have ban/ temp-ban.

14 .- Do not post any kind of advertising related to our forum. If a web page a user exits the profile to customize any type of site of any user.

15 .- message titles than explicit (clearly understood) to the topic will be deleted without notice or be changed, as this will help us a lot to find an issue or problem that we like.

16 .- You can upload the photos you want the forum, but if there are many photos aceeso place them with the image at actual size.

17.-Any order that you have relating to plugins / mods / maps or any kind of help should be posted to support, if instead you ignore this rule your msg to this category will be moved or removed from the forum and on the other side if you want to help someone who ask for help in this section shall post the plugins / mods / BEP in the section corresponding with due explanation to make the forum more organized.

18 .- Before posting a question or issue verifies that this has already been written by using the Search function located on the top of the forum.

In conclusion users who do not comply with these rules will be , depending on the situation presented.

Any problem with any of these rules or if you want to add some post it here and discuss it
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forums rules
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